Portsmouth Hip and Knee.

Website of Mr Hugh J Clarke MBBS, FRCS
Consultant in Hip and Knee reconstructive surgery

Our website is designed to help patients and physicians make informed decisions on hip and knee surgery illustrating functional results, potential pitfalls and contacts.

Mr Clarke specialises predominantly in hip and knee joint surgery including  joint replacement,  hip resurfacing, revision surgery and minimal invasive  surgery of both  the hip and knee. We also offer conservative treatments such  as keyhole  surgery and injection therapies.

Mr Clarke also offers contract surgical services to large organisations in this field.

Hospitals at which Mr Clarke consults:-

Spire Hospital Portsmouth.
Wessex Nuffield Chandlers Ford.
Chichester Nuffield.
Spire Clare Park Hospital, Farnham..

Contact us for appointments:-

care of Mrs Sarah Amos
Private Secretary
45 Deeside Avenue
West Sussex
PO19 3QG

Tele/fax (01243) 773031
email hugh@thr.me.uk


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