Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement Surgery.

Hip replacement surgery is indicated in patients who have severe arthritis affecting the hip joint. This causes a loss of the lining of the joint commonly resulting in severe pain and poor mobility.

Hip replacement surgery gives excellent pain relief in over 90% of patients. Most patients would be able to return to normal activities. For many this would include significant amounts of physical activity, including sports.

When is the time to consider surgery for arthritis?

For most patients who have tried simple painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs and are not finding the pain control successful. Their walking distances would be becoming more limited and many will notice significant stiffness of the hip. Many patients have their sleep disturbed at night.


Diagnosis is usually made after the full history and examination of the patient and a full x-ray examination of the patient. Occasionally more specialist examinations, such as CT scans or MRI scans, are indicated. If the diagnosis of significant arthritis of the hip were made, Mr Clarke will discuss the surgical options.


There are two broad groups; cemented and uncemented. We tend to use the cemented implants in those patients with poorer bone stock. We use newer hard ceramic bearings in younger patients which had minimal wear. Newer and more wear resistant high density polyethylene cups are also used in more active patients.

Corail uncemented hip system. We use in young patients with ceramic bearings.

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