Hip Resurfacing

This is mainly indicated in patients under the age of 65, although occasionally this is indicated beyond this if bone stock is excellent. Mr Clarke may perform bone density studies to check that your bone stock is good enough to be considered for this surgery. The best outcomes are seen in larger male patients. This metal on metal replacement is designed to reduce bone loss and aid active rehabilitation in those younger, fitter patients. The new bearing surfaces have very low wear rates. This has been refined into a highly successful technique. This may help to reduce the risks of potential revision surgery in the future if required.

There is a very low dislocation risk. Patient have a good chance of returning to most sporting activities that they should wish. This can even include contact sports. If revision should be required, this has been well shown to be an easier procedure.

Some of Mr Clarke’s patients have returned to activities such as mountain climbing, high performance dingy sailing, playing cricket, tennis and full military duties. Rare metal ion reactions can be seen at a later date.  We try to avoid this operation in metal sensitive patients.

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