Hospital Stay

Hip Replacement and Resurfacing

This usually requires an inpatient stay of approximately 3-5 days for the average patient, but this can be extended for those who live alone or may have other disabilities. We also have links with nursing homes available for those patients who feel it would be difficult to discharge directly home. The vast majority of patients though would be able to go directly home.

For patients who have very good social support, and are generally very fit, Mr Clarke also offers an accelerated discharge programme with a three day stay. This helps reduce the cost of the surgery by approximately £1,000 for the total fee. They would be unable to drive for 6 weeks if it is the right side that is affected but approximately 4 weeks for the left side assuming a smooth recovery.

The majority of patients require crutches for approximately four weeks, although this may be less time for fitter patients but may be slightly longer in unfit or infirm patients.

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