Unicondylar (half knee) replacement

Uni-condylar knee replacement (half knee replacement) was first developed in the 1950’s and has been proved significantly in the last 20 years with the use of the Oxford mobile bearing knee. This can be performed through minimal incision surgery, with a small 7cm cut over the inside of the knee to replace the inner compartment. This has the benefit of allowing patients to mobilise very rapidly. They would usually require an in-patient stay of no more than 2-3 days. Patients can achieve a very high range of movement of up to 130-150° of flexion within 6 weeks of surgery. This procedure is indicated in approximately 1 in 4 patients who have knee arthritis only affecting the inner compartment of the knee. This procedure, although a smaller procedure, is a more technical procedure. Mr Clarke has been performing this procedure through the minimal incision approach for the last 7 years. The average outcome of patients in whom this is indicated is that 90-95% of these procedures will last 10 years, giving an excellent track record.

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