From MW

It is over 7 months since my hip replacement and not a day goes by without me mentally thanking you and your team for your handiwork. I am so enjoying walking, gardening, trips up to London etc and sleeping – pain free. I now realise how I had cut down on activities because of the discomfort over the past couple of years. I will be seeing you in November but wanted to let you know before then that in me you have a very grateful patient.

From HB

Thank you Mr Clarke. With gratitude from the Isle of Wight.
January – Left hip replacement. May – Right hip replacement. Consultant:  Mr H J Clarke, result:  A new lease of life.

From HS

Thank you for your considerations today.  I am sorry that you are not able to wave a magic wand and make life better for us which she fully comprehends.  We much appreciate all the investigations for us since we consulted you in May. Portsmouth Hospitals get the gold star from our family. Thank you.

From Y&JB

Thank you for your wonderful skills in giving me a new tin knee.  I am progressing well and I thank the great staff who assisted you too.  They woke me from my beautiful sleep when it was all over.

From ES

Thank you all so much for the care and kindness I received on 15 July when I had my knee replacement.  I so appreciated all your wonderful treatment.

From PD

I would just like to express my grateful thanks in regard to my hip replacement operation on 11 February.  I went for my first real walk in the country yesterday, enjoying Stansted Park over Walderton with a drink at the Barley Mow. It was wonderful without the pain and being able to walk properly to make it back to
the car again back over the hills to Stansted. Many thanks again.

From CH

Two new hips, a new knee, one more knee to go and it will be a full set! Thank you once again. Words
cannot describe the relief from pain and what a change to my life and my family these operations have made.  My very best to you and love to you and yours.

From PW

A small token of my thanks for the operation performed on my left hip last June.  This has been a great success and for the first time for many, many years I am virtually out of pain.

From SW

In February of this year you operated and gave me a Birmingham hip.  I know I said thank you at the time, but I would like to tell you how much difference this has made to both myself and my family.  Firstly I have been pain free since the day of the operation. This has undoubtedly made me a much easier person to live with and secondly I have been able to pursue all sorts of activities which I had long ago given up with long walks, picnics, kicking a ball about, playing croquet and swimming.  Simple things but they mean a lot to us.

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